Frequently Asked Question (MOBILE APPS)

How much will it cost to create a mobile app?

The cost of the mobile app will depend on many factors. Firstly, how many features you have, how technically challenging the app is, and if you want youR app to be available for both Android/iOS. In our experience, mobile apps can range from $3K – $500K. Click here to find out the cost of your app.

How long does it take to build an app?

The time taken to build an app varies and contingent on the complexity of the project and if you would like to build for Android/iOS concurrently or just one. Based on past projects, mobile apps are usually turned over between 2 – 8 months.

I have an app idea, how do I protect it from being stolen?

We hold our clients’ privacy with utmost importance. To prevent your app idea from being stolen, you should prepare a non-disclosure agreement for parties to sign if you disclose the idea to them. Before we ask you about your app idea, we always ask if you have a non-disclosure agreement or provide our own, if you do not. There are more ways to protect your idea.

Will my app idea work?

We provide you honest feedback when you introduce your idea to us. However, the best way to test if your app idea will work is by talking to real people who will use your app. Idea validation and market research can be an intimidating feat.

Should I build for iOS and/or Android?

iOS and Android are the two biggest mobile platforms out there. The iOS dominates Australian, US and UK markets, while Android is one over 1 billion devices. It is probably the right move to eventually build for both platforms, but for many startups, this is not viable. You should take a look at the markets you are wanting to target initially and make a decision based on the demographics of your primary markets.

What does native and hybrid mobile apps mean?

Native mobile apps are built on the proprietary iOS and Android technologies (and will need two separate builds), whereas hybrid apps are built on web technologies, with compatibility on both platforms. Fofoofotech favours building mobile apps on native platforms for a multitude of reasons. Primarily, the reliability and stability is significantly better than that for hybrid technologies. Additionally, native development allows you to take advantage of functionalities like location services, photo/camera access and push notifications, among many others.

How do I make money from my mobile app?
  1. There are many ways you can make money from your application. Some of the most popular methods, alongside some examples are listed below:
    • In-app purchases for premium features (e.g. Candy Crush Level-ups)
    • Monthly subscription for continual service after a free trial (e.g. Netflix)
    • Advertisements alongside content (e.g. Facebook Ads)
What should I have ready before I bring on board fofoofotech?

In order to give you the most accurate feedback and quote, it would be very helpful to have a detailed brief with a description of your idea, features wishlist, market research and initial sketches. If you dont thats still OK just conatct us with a breif description and we will help you bring your idea to life.

Will you help us raise money or market our app?

We do not offer investment or marketing services. However, we are more than happy to help you fill the gaps for the technical details of your pitch to investors.

How much experience do you have in mobile app development?

fofoofotech has been developing apps since 2014, we have re barnded over the years.

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Frequently Asked Question (Website Development)

How much will it cost to create a website?

The cost of a website will depend on various factors. Some considerations include, how many pages are required, the complexity of the features you would like to include on the website and how many design mockups you would like to see. Our website packages start from $500 – 5K.

How long does it take to build a website?

The timeline for creating a website will vary depending on different circumstances. It is largely determined by the size and complexity of the project. We ensure that there is as much transparency around realistic timelines and set expectations for both our clients and team to stay on course as best as possible. Based on projects we do now, our usual turnover is 3 – 7 weeks.

Will I be able to update my website easily?

Yes. We build our websites on a content management system called WordPress. WordPress powers over 30% of all websites on the Internet. It is an intuitive system that allows you to edit and add new content (copy, images, videos, to name a few!) very easily. We provide a free training session for you so that you are well equipped to maintain the content yourself. We also provide ongoing mainternance and optimization at a little cost. So you can concentrate on managing your business.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, all our websites are optimised on all devices. This means that your website will look beautiful on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. We make sure we use the best responsive techniques and practices so user experience is seamless, no matter what.

What is the difference between your services and a template I can purchase?

Templates are cheap and easy to set up, but they lack the flexibility that many businesses need. You are effectively working around someone else’s layout, which makes it difficult to edit and update your content. Your digital presence is incredibly important, so our custom websites are made to match your specific requirements. A custom designed site allows your business to stand out from the crowd, highlighting your brand in the best light.

Can you customize this theme I bought?

Customisation of existing themes is possible, but is not recommended. If software updates occur (as they do often), themes will also need to be changes to accommodate, so as to ensure site security and robustness. However, this means that our customisation is lost and will need to be redone, which will cost you more in the long run.

How do I set up a shop for my products?

We also provide eCommerce website services. Our platform of choice is woocommerce through wordpress or shopify, which is perfect for the selling of simple products with basic variations. Equipped with all the essential tools you need to set up your shop, we make any design or functionality tweaks you would like to make. For more complex stores, we use Magento’s technology to allow us to bring customisation to the next level.

Do you write our content for us?

Unfortunately, we do not provide copywriting services and expect content to be provided and inserted by you (after we train you on how to use the CMS, of course!) However, we have excellent partners who we can introduce you to once you engage our services. Be sure to mention this is as a service you would like to employ when you chat to us.

Do you provide content insertion services?

Yes, we do! This is an additional service we offer on top of our web design and development services. When you get in touch with us, please mention that you would like to engage these services so your quote includes this.

Who owns the website once it goes live?

After the completion of the project, we hand over all intellectual property rights to you, so you own the website.

Do you provide hosting and maintenance after the website goes live?

Yes, we offer affordable hosting packages for different requirements. Our representatives can recommend you the best choice based on your needs. We also have maintenance packages you can elect to take, for 3 and 6 month terms. Our maintenance packages cover plugin updates, security updates, performance monitoring and analytics.