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Our process


DISCUSSION & Confidentiality

This is where we work with the you the client to determine what goals your project needs to fulfil. It goes without saying that we’ll always help you safeguard your idea. So we start the process with the signing of a  non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 


Scoping and costing your idea

In our initial consultation, we will discuss the project in detail and work through your concept to outline the opportunities and challenges moving forward. We will also ensure all the proposed features are technologically possible. Once we’ve all agreed that your project is viable, we’ll supply you with a free proposal of cost, timeframes etc. Our proposals are detailed, clearly broken down into the cost of each phase, so that you’re able to make a highly informed decision, right from the start.



You’ll find our discovery phase is highly evolved to set you on a winning path. 

  • Comprehensive market analysis including in-depth analysis of target audience, competitor, market size and growth opportunities.
  • Optimal marketing strategy to acquire, convert, retain and nurture your potential customer.
  • Monetisation strategy including your actual mode of charging, price points and timeframes. 
  • Application development strategy to release features that excite users and improves user retention.

UX design

User experience (UX) design is the foundation to any web or mobile app development project. 

  • User flow diagram to outline each and every interaction of the user with the application.
  • Wireframe will provide a visual representation of the entire application screen by screen. It will help you visualise each element in a particular page and how it relates to rest of the application.
  • Rapid prototype will make it easy for you to simulate the application at this early stage. It is also a great presentation tool to gain more traction while the application is in development.
  • User engagement testing will ensure we get the user experience right at this early stage, rather than costly code rewriting at a later stage.


UI design

Next comes the all-important UI, or user interface – the visual aspects of your app. 

  • Develop brand guidelines encompass your application name, logo, vision, mission, icon, fonts, colours and other important assets.
  • Based on the brand guideline, our UI design team will create an initial design concept to showcase the look and feel of the application.
  • Once the design concept has been signed off, we will design the rest of the screens utilising atomic design principles.



The actual building of your project involves developing code and integrating with third-party application.

  • Our team of solution architects are highly experienced and skilled to choose the right technology for your project. Whether its programming language, database or hosting infrastructure – we have the right resources to assist you with any technical requirements.
  • We have delivered every development release on time since 2014, thanks to our meticulous planning procedure, large resource pool and 4-stage quality assurance process.
  • We will conduct face-to-face project review on each version release so that we can collate your feedback and analyse the progress of the project on a regular basis.

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Quality Assurance

In every phase of the development process, our quality assurance engineer will extensively test the completed features. 

  • Functionality – all features are working as they should
  • Performance – response speed
  • Regression – features working in every phase
  • Device-specific – versatility on different screen sizes and device/combinations
  • User acceptance – getting feedback on every feature from target users 

All tests are repeated and the results reviewed until everything is working perfectly. We can coordinate for the app to be tested by focus groups of target customers. The results will prove invaluable to your refinement process.



Prior to deployment, we perform the two main processes essential for your mobile app’s launch:

  • Configuring your webserver to meet the needs of your present and future customer base cost-effectively in partnership with cloud-based server providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine.
  • Submission to the app stores. We carry out all necessary procedures for deploying your app to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

And since we’re a full-service digital agency, we can also help you with all other app launch essentials, including SEO and copywriting for your app’s store description, contents and website/landing page. Plus a paid advertising campaign on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.


Maintenance + Optimisation

  • The world’s most popular websites and apps are continually being updated and optimised, and your app will be no different if you want it to remain successful.
  • Our expert fofoofotech development team can take care of all ongoing fixes, assessment and maintenance, including:
    • Round the clock monitoring, including speed performance
    • Comprehensive analytics, to help you make the right decisions for conversions and growth
    • Constant updates, to repair crashes and bug fixes
    • Social media listening, review checking and response 
    • Upgrades in the future 

If you’re thinking of starting your app development journey, the whole process can seem almost insurmountable. And it’s true – the app development process certainly isn’t a walk in the park. But in partnership with true professionals like the fofoofotech team it can be a highly rewarding and even lucrative experience. 

Ready to get started? 

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